Who We Are

Our Mission Statement(s):

  • RU SPS’s purpose is to be a foundation for the community of RU physics majors and a promoter of the general awareness and understanding of physics.
  • RU SPS will provide the academic and social resources such that undergraduates can get the most out of their education, as well as benefit from the companionship of their peers.
  • RU SPS will be the focal point where majors will get to know the students they will be studying with for the rest of their undergraduate career.

Our Activities/Methods:

  • Social events such as BBQs and parties
  • Newsletter with interviews and articles on and by faculty, seminars given by faculty members, tours of the physics labs, social events that mix faculty and students.
  • Articles (on website and newsletter) on courses, grad school, and internships; open communication between upper and lower classpeople.
  • Seminars, field trip tours of other labs, experiment demonstrations

If you are interested in becoming a member of SPS (or would just like to add your name to our mailing list), you can do it right here!